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By  Dominic Blaaque     21.35     
As some of u might already know i already passed my jpj test
Yes, that is true, i did pass my jpj test
but here's more in depth truth of the process of the test
I had to do "bukit" first
masa pakcik tuh suh masuk keter
when i entered the car
i was like omg
this is the same car that i used that day that has no rpm meter!!! and clutch tah hape2 haha
Honestly, i panicked haha
there were lots of spectators ( other people waiting in line actually haha)
As i drove up the hill, reaching the yellow strip i braked and handbraked, but forgot to free gear haha i horn and then as i wanted to go down the hill the engine stopped haha
gelabah hahaha, but jpj tak perasan. Thankfully, the engine started handsomely, as i was about to go down the hill, the car wasnt moving but tires were screeching hahaha i was the longest that time hahah i panicked handsomely
no flaws during parralel parking
then, there was the three point turn (3 penjuru) step one and step two was okay
but then step 3, i forgot to enter gear 1 haha i was still in reverse, thank goodness the jpj guy didnt say me and i didnt hit any poles, i drove back to the waiting line and felt like a champ hahahahahahaha

now, on the road, the JPJ guy was big, as in really big, he actually laughed at me becoz of doing 5 perkara so serious hahah then drove on the road as usual, i played safe, i didnt even go above 40km/h haha he actually laughed at me haha i drove like a noob, he laughed at me here and there becoz i kept using gear 1 even though cars were already moving at the traffic light
man, there were lots of cars hahah

i scored 17/20

to people who havent had their jpj test yet
dont worry haha
u just have to be lucky haha
here are my secrets to success (cheh haha)
1-Baca An-Nas 9 times
2-Sembahyang Hajat
4-if u can, amik test selambat yg boleh
5-Kasi salam masa masuk kereta!
6-And dance when u pass!!( i did that actually, literally haha)

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