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Part 5: Merdeka! in Krabi

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.54     
Some period of time ago, before I went to Krabi, I looked up instagram and saw Ted's instagram that he went hiking and up top he wore baju melayu and held a flag of gaza. So I told Ted and Yan, since we're going to Krabi on merdeka, so why dont we show our love to the country by bringing our baju melayu and baju melayu and take a photo with the malaysian flag? and so we did.
At first it was just the three of us and a monopod with my Fuji camera at the end of it. Then we sort of feel that we should do something more. So Ted came up with the idea, hey lets do something crazy, lets walk up to random malaysians around the aonang strip and take a photo with them (it was the eve of merdeka of course). We were quite shy at first, wearing baju melayu and walking around aonang on a saturday night haha But Yan, was the first one that walked up to some random malaysian group when they were shopping and nicely asked them to take a photo with us with the national flag. So that night I sort of discovered that, for any project or cause, there are always three parties, the one giving the idea, the one executing the idea and lastly, the one tagging along and give support (that would be me of course), After taking photos with a few groups, it was a breeze to walk up to random malaysians and take a photo with 'em. Oh on that particular time, monday was a holiday for malaysians, so there were many malaysians that took a quick holiday to krabi.

As soon as we walked along the aonang strip to take photos with malaysians, the great thing was, while we were taking photos, malaysians that saw us came up to us and wanted to join us, so the it just got bigger and bigger. There was even an english guy that wanted to join us for the photo and wished us happy independence and a malay guy shook is hands and said, thank you for giving us independence, we all broke out in laughter.

So this is the group before the english guy joined

There is the english guy on the right, seems he's having fun haha

The shopkeeper got excited after seeing us taking a photo with our flag in front of his shop, he wanted to take a photo with us with the thailand flag (thai guy on the left)

1 Malaysia hehe

Well thats a wrap for my Krabi blog post series. The next day I head up to Penang with Ted to stay with my relatives there for a few days and Yan headed back to KL. 

Happy Independence Day Malaysians. Remember, loving this country is not merely holding a flag and take a photo with it and post it to instagram. It is about your contributions, your lifetime contributions for the country. Paying taxes is also a form of contribution. Being nice in traffic, being nice to others and many others. Even cleaning up and not littering around is a patriotic act. All the small things which could sum up for a better Malaysia, for now and the future.

Thanks for reading :) 

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