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Part 3: Island Hopping

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For our 2nd day in Thailand, we went Island Hopping. There are many island hopping packages to choose from, the one that we chose were the "4 Island" package. One of the Islands were called "Chicken Island", because it looked like a chicken, literally. A tuk-tuk by the island hopping company brought us to the rendezvous point and gather with other travelers and then transferred to a boat. 
At the Rendezvous point

Oh, when you go to somewhere interesting in thailand (it happened to me back in bangkok and also in indonesia) there will be someone taking your photo with a digital camera. When you come back, you will see that they are printed and frame (the one i had back in bangkok was on a plate!) It is for you to buy, luckily for this trip it was only 100 Baht, which converts to RM10, which was acceptable so i bought one lol makes a good photo for home though.

A panorama shot before we board the boat

Yan taking a selfie while I was preparing food (Tuna and Bread, these trips could get very hungry)

Ted being macho lol

Ted with his "Zaujah" (in a bikini of course)

The island behind does look like a chicken

Poke the chicken!!!

I have no idea what the remaining island names were, one of them was Poda if i wasnt mistaken. But the island were really unique, i have no idea how to explain them in terms of geological terms, but in terms of my terms, they were mountainous and  there were many ledges. It kinda feels like you were in a movie seeing those islands.

Dugong haha

After we got back from the hustle and bustle of island hopping. We rested until the night. At night we went to the night market of Krabi town, which was around 20km from aonang. Oh, if ur planning for a trip there, the shop closes at 930pm. because it gets dark quite early here. The night market is open until ten ish. There is literally not much nightlife here, except for places which is inappropriate for me to mention here haha.
You must do this if you ride a tuk tuk.

The night market is a bargain to get things like clothes, tshirts, accessories or whatever. Many types of food too. I finally had authentic mango with sticky rice hehe the coconuts were nice too and cheap, like rm2 per coconut. We got back from the night market and had our dinner at a small stall by the roadside. The food was nice and acceptable pricing. I think it was around RM8 for rice noodles with tom yam. Thats all for this post. Stay tuned :)

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