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Way Up North part 2

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Okay, lets continue from the previous post. Halfway from Hatyai to Krabi, there was an RnR. The place was beautiful and very clean. It also houses a cafeteria for Halal Foods (its southern thailand of course, half of the population were muslims). There were also many malaysians at the RnR as well. There were also stalls selling street food, majority of them were Muslim sellers, so its quite easy to get halal street food. Most of them could even speak Bahasa Malaysia, but with a Kelantanese dialect of course haha. Oh I forgot to mention about the jawi writings i saw back in hatyai. The jawi was writing was Malay, but kelantanese malay of course, it said exit in english writing but in jawi writing, it said Jalan Tubid haha, which means the same. Luckily I had a close kelantanese friend back in university, so i could understand some of their vocabs. But jawi in kelantanese, totally new to me haha.  
A shot of the three of us in the van on the way. Mind the monopod, at the end of it is not a gopro nor a handphone, it is a digital camera which you rarely see nowadays lol

In the van were other malaysians. The two other women were malaysians working at KWSP if i'm not mistaken. They are spending some nights in krabi and then continue their journey up to phuket later. We hung out with them in Krabi.

So the following are somewhere around krabi, not Aonang yet. Oh Aonang is the place where we are headed to in Krabi. 

We eventually reached Aonang around 530pm local time. The scenery was indeed beautiful and magnificent. Its like you are in a movie or something. I am really out of words on how to describe the rocky hills which were everywhere around us and anywhere you look.

But that wasnt just it, there was more for us soon, which I will post the photos in the next blog post. So we settled down for the night and headed out to the Aonang Town Strip, because we were indeed very hungry and in high desire for thai food. There were many muslim shops around, not to worry. So we had tomyam, green curry and prawns with veggies. It was nice. Only costs us RM30 for three persons. Not so expensive for a tourist place lol. They even had these famous krabi pancakes thingy,but the reality is, it was Roti Tisu we call it in malaysia (or very very thin pratha ) add nutella or bananas or whatever to it, and voila! You have a krabi pancake. It was very tasty. I had three of them on my first night there haha There was even a coconut nutella one. I thought they were going to put dry coconuts, but they put freshly sliced coconut pulp in between the pancake and nutella on top. I was like, wow!  It was indeed a unique experience. Oh, coconuts are dead cheap there and really tasty, they use Pandan Coconuts, the really nice tasting fragrant kinds. 

Here is an example of the pancake. The next time i'll go to a mamak, i might just bring a tub of nutella or hersheys chocolate and ask for roti tisu pisang extra planta and no susu pekat manis. I could literally make millions selling these in this country lol. Here are some shots of the Aonang Strip.

Later on that night, we ended up hanging out at the beach and took some photos. Selfies are a must of course lol

Most of the photos were taken with a Fuji F 660 EXR Semi DSLR Compact Camera. It is light and it has manual mode and many other wonderful features. I would totally recommend buying one! So this is for our first day in Thailand, stay tuned for the next post.

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