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All the way up north to reach the south of somewhere

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First of all, I didnt get any of my organs stolen. All my kidneys, lungs and etc are in tact. I finally made it up way north by land. I started off my journey to Krabi, Thailand , from Kuala Lumpur Sentral (KL Sentral) by train. yes. train. Honestly, I havent been on long haul trips by train in this country for ages, by ages I mean almost two decades.

We couldnt get the bunk beds to HatYai because they were full, so we had "Superior" Class seats instead. I wouldnt say it was first class airline seats, but the seats were largely comfortable enough for a long journey. Besides, it was a train, i can get up and walk around to the cafe coach. It was cheap too, like seriously cheap, RM48 per person from KL all the way to Hatyai, approximately a 600 km journey.

Talking about  KL Sentral, the mall connected to it is open, it is called "NuSentral" or something. Quite a nice place though, with restaurants and stuff, cinema opening soon too. Hanafi (Ted) and me hung out there before we board our train. Because we had hours before our train departs from KL Sentral. We also had to wait for our travel mastermind Izyan Arina(Yan). It was the three of us, Ted, Yan and Me.

Ted and me got hungry and ate at KFC while waiting for Yan, Then Yan arrive and join us, Then we were called to board our train. The KFC is situated where you wait for your train. Sort of a departure hall. 

Ted's and my stuff

All aboard! A shot for the parents to prove that i'm not going to run away or anything (lol)

Yes, a selfie is a must!

From inside the coach. The seats were big and comfortable.

The night before, I didnt slept much. I slept late and woke up early and went shopping with ted to buy some stuffs for the trip. We decided not to sleep later because we wanted to get a shut eye in the train. We were so wrong haha I still ended up sleeping around 3am. Luckily for us, the cafe coach was 24 hours. So we hung out there for an hour.
Ted being creative with the balaclava or buff or whatever they call em

I joined him too

The last photo before I went dead

These guys shot me while I was sound asleep. They were train zombies/

Ted and Yan were pretty much up all night and even made friends with the train officer lol

We arrived padang besar around 9am to get our passports check and stuff. We were there for around an hour. Didnt took any photos there, as we were morning zombies and very hungry. We boarded the train and arrived Hatyai around an hour later. As we arrived hatyai, we also didnt took any photos as we were in a hurry to reach Krabi. It was a 4 hour ride from Hatyai to Krabi. We reached there and went into the van and continued our slumber. I however was awake along the journey. The rest, since they didnt slept the night before, were sound a sleep. I got to enjoy the journey along Hatyai to Krabi, It was fascinating seeing thai villages.

Fingers off the keyboard for now. I will update more in the next post.

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