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Part 4: The Emerald Pool

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.07     
For our third day in Krabi, we went to the emerald pool The emerald pool is basically a sort of river source or some sort which flows through the forest. The forest is called emerald pool (well that it said on the signboard lol) The place is situated around 60 km from the Ao Nang beach. To get there, there are many packages offered around aonang by travel agents. and even taxi drivers. You can also get there by motorcycle which starts at 150 Baht per 24 hours (depending on the type of bike, there are superbikes available if you are up for it). There are also other attractions around the area, such as hot spring and waterfall if i'm not mistaken.

As you enter the place (yes they will take photos of you, i covered myself with an umbrella), it has many trails that leads up to the first pool, where you can bathe there. If you go further up the trail, around 800m from the first pool, you will be up for a surprise (which i will explain later). The trail however, was a majestic experience. There are 2 trails to choose from if i'm not mistaken which leads up to the first pool. We took the small narrow one.

Two roads leading to the same place and another which i have no idea what sra krew was lol

These images are majestic aint it? So we walked walked and walked around a kilometer plus and reached the first pool, or the public bath i would like to call it.

When we reached the public bath, it was raining like cats and dogs. So we continued our journey for another 800m the reach the "emerald pool". The trail was partially cement, the rest, you have to go through a jungle. 


Luckily when we reached there it wasnt raining anymore. The pool looks beautiful, but you cant bathe in it, the ground underneath is quicksand or quicksoil or somewhat. Here are more photos.(oh, if you want to see a video of the pool from inside, visit my instagram: idzham ).

My verdict, if you are in krabi, YOU MUST GO TO THE EMERALD POOL! After going to the pool, we had dip in the public bath.

He put sand in my hair

After going to the emerald pool, we head to the beach to see the sunset, sort of haha

Stay tuned for my merdeka post :)

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