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The Fast and The Furriest?

By  Dominic Blaaque     19.12     

The chaotic past sleeping disorder is haunting me.................again
I keep getting bad dreams each time i sleep
I dont remember them though haha
But what i remember though
I get pain in the ass headaches
each time i wake up
As some headaches come and go even though i'm fully awake
Blurry images come in sight
Diagnose me soon to be doctors!!!
What should i do? haha

I have lost the appetite to eat, literally
except for pasta haha or any other bake food
such as bake pasta?

My body is slowly controlling my brain
Its sucking me into the black hole of negativeness
Falling into the dark side of the force
I am Darth Maji haha
(sesiapa yg memahami star wars, mereka akan faham apa yg saya maksudkan)
Gosh i need exercise

The only exercise I get lately is exercise for the brain
by playing pain in the ass Video Games by putting them in hard mode

Fast and Furious already out in cinemas, i feel like watching it this weekend
or should i wait for pirated Blu-Ray? haha
oh well
siapa nak join bgtau, Jusco tebrau, satu kepala rm5, hantar dan ambil di rumah haha
kemungkinan besar kereta MERAH haha kereta FAVOURITE korang!

There's an edufair at angsana this saturday
what's the point of having the internet then? haha
Make good use of ur money people!
internet needs money!

Dreams, i hope the next dreams arent horror ones
how about dreaming of a bentley? haha
arhh i cant believe the british bentley are owned by germans, VW haha

Let's look at something that is still British, Aston Martin!! ooooo haha

I never thought they would make a Red DBS, i've seen an orange one before
But a red one? the world is just awesome haha I also cant believe, how the heck Alfa 159
can keep up with James Bond's DBS in Quantum of Solace? There's no way that could happen
haih... movies haha

People that go for style over function are noobs
People that go function only are even noobier haha No offence people
But people who goes for both, those are the non-nooby ones

Here's a car that has both

This is a Maserati Quattroporte
repeat after me, Koooaaaarrrttoeporteh haha
It looks like a supercar
It acts like a supercar
It is from a breed of a supercar manufacturer, Ferrari
but it's not a supercar,

Where will the kids sit if i buy a two door supercar? haha
This is why the Quattroporte exist haha
I get to drive it as if i'm still 12 and the kids get to sit at the back haha

haha enough of raging berangan
since i didnt got mara scholarships to further Automotive Engineering in Germany
I better find ways to buy me one of these cars one day haha

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Idzham Ibrahim, your friendly neighbourhood unemployed mech eng graduate

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Aleena Aisyah mengatakan...

gilaaa !!!!!

Anonim mengatakan...

I seldom leave comments on blogs, but the ideas really rocks, also I have a few questions like to ask, what's your contact details?