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Three Musketeers Arthos Porthos Aramis hahhaha

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.40     
Tagged By Aleena Aisyah, debater from hell haha, putrajaya la

Three things that I love :
1. Friends
2. Internet
3. Dota!

Three people who make me laugh :
1. Ikyn
2. Pipaa
3. Faiz

Three things I hate :
1. Being ignored by parents
2. Arguing in a violent way
3. Being treated as an idiot

Three things I don't understand :
1. Y people cant take things easy
2. The mind of an idiot
3. why proton cant make cars that dont look gay and old  (haha)

Three things I'm doing right now :
1. Blogging (duhh)
2. Making Cofee
3. Listening to music!

Three things I want to do before I die :
1. Travel 
2. Get all Rukun Islam done 
3. Buy a CAR!

Three things I can do :
1. sleep anywhere anytime at very inappropriate times
2. Dota!
3. Eat only once a day or not eating at all 

Three things I can't do :
1. Sing
2. Be a Jedi
3. I want to be Sylar! 

Three ways to describe my personality :
1. Lazy
2. Hardworking 
3. Unique

Three people to tag :

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