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Lalalalalala pagi!

By  Dominic Blaaque     06.22     

"I dont like to sleep,
I just sleep at inappropriate times"
-Muhd Idzham haha

okay........... hmmmmmm

I slept at 4Pm yesterday
and woke up around 1 oclock
the first thing in mind was DOTA!!! ahahahahha
After things were settled, i rushed to the computer
because a tournement was going on and it seems
i was up against Ubye!

One of the legendary players Among the Fathers of SamurianDotaPro
for sure i thought i was going to lose,
it was an All Random and Only Middle mode game
Which means that no one is allowed to pick their favourite heroes, it will be chosen by random and only the middle path is active.

This was the hero that was chosen randomly for me
i've never used it before haha

okeh, let's get straight to the point

hmmm unfortunately, my parents didnt bought any dinner for me :((
i think they went to pasar malam,
all i saw on the table was Corn and 1 kuih
Kuih apa entah, it was nice though haha

Amitabh and Bachan 

Going to KL on thursday
And the people of samura are also going home on thursday
mcm akan tersempak je kat highway haha
lets hope so
less than two weeks to penang
my mom said going there by flight
i just checked malaysia airlines
cheap flights are sold out haha
nanti lg expensive dari naik car
so i think better i go alone la
easier and cheaper
Imagine me pushing a trolley with boxes and bags on it at the airport
ooooh, mcm overseas hahaha

lets hope a bright future at penang ahead!

Goodluck tangkak hahah

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