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Pulau Mutiara

By  Dominic Blaaque     05.16    Label:, 
Wake up everyone
how can u sleep in a time like this
unless the dreamer is only you haha

Today will be the official 2 weeks without a license
I miss the old Merc's power of a 2 liter 22 year old engine
I miss doing bukit at Jusco Tebrau's Parking lot
I miss engine failure near at a traffic light
I miss changing gears
I miss picking my friends up at their house
I miss driving D:

But actually, I miss the sense of confidence,
isnt driving all about confidence?

I lacking of that now
The greatest present of my birthday
Being offered to a Matriculation College at a Lala Land that i love,
Seems dark and it seems not to become a reality
Which means the two t-shirts pipaa gave is currently the number 1 present heheee

Why cant they touch my shoulder with the palm of their hand and ask
Are you okay boy?
So what do you think of going to penang?

instead what i get is the face of regretting that i got penang from them
words that were asked

Why u didnt asked for Johor?
Kan senang mak nak lawat...


kenapa time form 4 for one whole month mak tak lawat langsung.............. D:

I just didnt knew what to say
but i did said something
I did choose Johor for 2nd choice
Nearly approx. 100 ex samurians are there
I dont want them to call me Legarm

*dalam hati pula* siapa berani panggil Legarm di Penang, di mana ada byk golongan Legarm haha

I never had any confidence to speak up for myself to my parents,
I dont like asking them for anything now
Based on experiences, i had to go through keadaan suka duka
such as criticism and mcm2 lah negative perspectives
then baru dapat

i hate going through that path
the same goes to wherever i want to go or whatever i want to do
it is the same path

The road not taken?
There is the one and only road
The road of sorrow to achieve something, to achieve the feeling of satisfaction and confidence.

Pandangan Bapa pula
Masuklah Diploma UTM

Kat mana tu? haha

why cant i go to my Lala land, Penang?
betul2 sebelah lebuh raya utara selatan.
Easy to come and easy to go.

I didnt slept on monday,
As sunlight rose, i seem to turned off any source of artificial light in my house
As if i hated lights.
My head felt like 100pounds of force one every square inch.

U know what i want?
I dont want money or any other materialistic things
I want sincerity
from my parents
Why cant they just say,
We're not letting u go to penang

kan senang kalau ckp cam tu

pening laaaaaaaa

The world is beautiful, but only if ur lucky.

Here's another story from last month

I was at KLCC

dengan semangatnya kumpul brochure laptop

then i showed my dad

honestly, i didnt want them instantly, i just wanted him to look at me and spend time with me looking at the laptop and just talked about them

but instead, u know what i got?

dia berkata, kau ni gila ke apa?

that time i just threw away the brochure in the bin
i remembered it was a Macbook, Vaio, Asus, Toshiba and Fujitsu

All were the entry level types for students
The cheap good brands lah senang citer

mana aubdible kucing kat YM tuh haha

Sincerity and love

its not impossible
but people just tend to forget who they really are, especially responsibility

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Idzham Ibrahim, your friendly neighbourhood unemployed mech eng graduate

2 komentar:

fariza mengatakan...

nk jauh drp semua org..
ak paham..

Tya mengatakan...

sigh, ijam...
i totally get your point. susah kalau dapat parents yg nak kita dgr semuanya, tpi tak nak dgr ape2..
oh and the part about penang having a big colony of the Legarm species, that's ironically true. and funny, sory. i cant help laughing at that.
jason mraz. his concert was awesome. eh kluar topic haha