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Dari Bank Islam ke Karaoke

By  Dominic Blaaque     15.20     
I went to Bank Islam at BBU to open my account
Syed Mohamed (stompel) and Akmal (casto) accompanied me
But then at the bank, since to many were opening an account
i decided to send Casto and Stompel to angsana first then come back to the bank
since izhar and muaz were already waiting us there.
When i was at the bank again, i met up with amir.
Oh, i forgot to take Q number, so i shared with amir, thank goodness he was there! haha
So he shared his number la

After opening the account
I went bank to angsana to join the others
and then we went Karaoke!!!!!

Here are the list of songs that we sang

1-Hey Jude-Beatles
4-Lagu Untukmu-Meet Uncle Hussein
5-Motor Kapchai-Senario haha

Honestly, the last 4 songs, i sang it like death metal! hahahah
My voice was gone right after singing all 5 songs
After Angsana, we went to Mkay's house haha
Then we went back to Stompel's house
Then i went back home...

Oh well, here are some pics!

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3 komentar:

Aleena Aisyah mengatakan...

muke kau tak boleh belaaa

Nurulhuda Mohd Mohsin, mengatakan...

muat lak box tu korang msok ramai ramai hahaha

M. mengatakan...

haha kunjungan korang mmg unexpected.
naseb baik aku pakai baju. haha