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Sleepwalkers Unite

By  Dominic Blaaque     00.37     
Sleeping time for 18th of May 2009
9 whole hours! weird....
the day before i slept at 9PM plus2 until 540AM
and yet i still slept for 9 Hours from daytime until night time 
it was deep-deep sleep for sure and such a unique dream haha
Another weird thing was, i exercise regularly starting a fewdays ago, i usually do around 1000 skips on the skipping rope per day
but y did i had deep sleep?
It happened a few hours after i had a medical checkup which the results was, i was normal, hmm
haih, i donno la haha
was it becoz watching star trek the day b4? haha it was a good movie!
was it because the day b4 i woke up at 2am? i think that would be relevant enough kot haha
UM is next week! ahahaha
Not even a single thing packed yet
Bag tak beli2, cermin mata tak beli2, itulah janji manis yang belum ditunai seseorang, yes! haha

UM sweet UM
Orientation days, haih...
I asked my mom can i register slightly late or maybe at the end of the orientation
it was a big NO,haih........
weird la, why only i have to be forced to follow the rules in this house? 
I'm scared if i fall asleep instantly during orientation, people, wake me up haha

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1 komentar:

the deint mengatakan...

haha takot tertido time haluansiwa??
hahalol biasala tu esp time ceramah

ouh btw,i have sleepy prob too
always feels sleepy altho baru bgn tdo haihh
any doc wanna-be can help this?? pliz help me pliz!!!

i'm just a pharmacist wannabe :D