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Pontian for Breakfast

By  Dominic Blaaque     06.45     
Today i went to have breakfast with faiz and pipaa
Firstly, i went to Faiz's House precisely at 8.30Am,
Then we went to Pipaa's and gave her a wake up call by phone,
We forced her to follow us to breakfast haha
We went to the nearby post office first,
Then we went back to her house to fetch her.
Honestly, I havent bathed yet that time haha.
And so i drove the black Gen-2, towards pontian, unintentionally, with only Rm6 in my pocket.
I drove quite slow and average of 50km/h,
Initially, i didnt knew where to go, i just drove straight passing pekan nenas and other on the way to ponitan towns, until we finally reached pontian.
We had breakfast at a Big Mamak Shop with Wifi, by the seaside.
It was a nice view, something different i say haha
We gave khaidir (pakjo) a call hoping that he would join us and so he did.
A friend of his gave him a ride from his house until the mamak shop we were eating at.
Then we gave Ckin a call, to tell her that we have time to visit her house.
At her house, she prepared Mee Hoon Sup, Kuih, Ice Cream! and some kuih called siput.
Thanks Shikin!
Until 1230, it was time to go home and i still havent had my morning shower yet hahaha
And so we left, we sent Pakjo Home, then we all went home.
The journey back home, i drove, 80 kot average haha 
Belum mandi lagi dikatakan hahaha

So thats my experience of going all the way to pontian for breakfast haha

Happy Birthday Oozie!

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