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Malaikat Dan Syaitan

By  Dominic Blaaque     05.45     
Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away haha

Yesterday, The honourary members of Samura Batch 25 Punctualism Society, The members were, Faiz, Haidar, Sheikh and Me, had our last gathering at Johor Bahru City Square, for the last time,before all of us further our foundation studies.We watched Angels and Demons, THAT MOVIE ROCKED! haha suddenly, i want to be a Physicist haha

Of all the movies i've watched this year, i think it's the most satisfying movie yet.I have to say, the plot was amazing, but i dont know why people that had read the book before said the movie was dissapointing.

To all people who havent read the book or watched the movie yet, if you want to watch the movie, DONT READ THE BOOK ahahaha

After i got backed from CS yesterday, hypersleep attacked me again later in the afternoon, i didnt knew how many hours i slept, i've lost track i guess, as i avoided any clocks within my vision or reach haha, just to make me feel better as i wont be dissapointed with myself if i slept too long again. But eventually, it does feel dissapointing hhaha

Dont feel bad idzham,

I have fallen in love with these two haha tp takde duit nak beli....... D: haha

Nokia E75

Nokia E71

P/S: Facebook, twitter sucks, i'll stick to Myspace and YM haha

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punctualism society..agak la..haha