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After days and days

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.20     
 I'm finally going to watch Tron Legacy in 3D today, FINALLY! anyway, before you watch the new one, try watching the old one the 1982 version, i watched it a few weeks ago, honestly, it is an interesting movie if u really understand these tech stuff or if u have very good english understanding capabilities hehe

The old movie was kinda advance in 1982, it was one of those movies that actually used CGI, that eventually led to newer movies that used CGI, such as Titanic, Avatar and many many many more.......

and within 2 weeks, we will all return to our humble lifestyle as a student. Honestly, i am scared of SEM 2 haha i dont know whether i can maintain what i got or not haha hopefully, i will, as the koreans alway said (even though it doesnt make any sense) FIGHTING!, very scary subjects thermodynamics, thermofluids, material sciences.

And one of the most greatest quotes my dad gave me today

You got B for your Basic Mechanics, that means, u might have got C.

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