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Morning Of December

By  Dominic Blaaque     07.38     
My sleeping cycle is getting better, at least i dont end up waking up in the middle of the day haha but now there is a tiny proble, i'm waking up too early, i slept around 12 and i woke up around 450am, is this a good thing or bad thing? as usual for most of us, we will continue to sleep and i did. But during the short period of sleep till i wait for subuh, i get really2 weird dreams, in such a short period, many characters are in my dream, most of them mainly consist of my friends. I cant really remember much of the plot of the dreams but they can be quite stressful and  depressing which leads to slight headaches when i wake up.

Any dream remedies anyone?
Am i thinking too much?
Will the headaches lead me to master the power of controlling the human mind? well i hope so

Today a wet first december morning, slight drizzle outside, kinda feels like overseas, breaking news,

RON 97 = RM2.30
RON 95= still the same.

You guys may wonder whats the difference between these two petrol, from what i am aware of, even though RON 97 is much expensive than RON 95 relative to price per liter, its actually much cheaper.

Why is it cheaper? RON 97 gives more mileage

I found some numbers on the net (*Old ron 97 price)
Some guy did some minor research on mileage with his 1000cc viva, by running both of the fuel one at a time respectively, here are some numbers

RM1 RON 97 = 9.85 KM (*THATS NEARLY 10KM!)
RM1 RON95 = 7.33KM


If u r traveling with RM100 value of RON97 petrol, you will get 985KM which is 252KM more mileage????????  252KM/7.33KM(RM 1 of RON 95) = RM34.38 *SAVED

To travel the same distance you will have to spend RM134.38 worth of RON 95 petrol

So think about it when you refuel your car, short term investment or long term investment?

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