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Brute Muscle Force!

By  Dominic Blaaque     05.35     
I spend my remaining days of my holiday by cherishing every single moment with Gran Turismo 5, with over obsessive gameplay , hours and hours of feathering the throttle on the normal Dualshock 3 controller, its official, the fingers on my right hand are starting to numb as if it had been working out at the gym. Where as on the left hand, less aching  because all i had to do was press break and steer it with the joystick. I've should had bought the steering wheel when i had the chance. It would had been a much much more extraordinary experience getting the feel of handling car such as a BMW M3, Ferrari 458 and many many more. Oh well, there's always next year haha

oh yes, Logitech Driving Force GT

And did you know that if you compete online with other players and do very2 well, the game developer would actually offer you to enter their racing academy? and eventually become a professional racer in real life? SUB-ZERO Awesomeness! 

Oh well, i got a long long long way to go in life, lets just hope i get a good job in the future and able to buy my dream cars and might as well start a racing team of my own?

Yesterday, i was looking around on the effects of video games towards the brain, some were good and some were bad, but mostly, there were good.

For good ones, modern games mostly have a positive effect on the brain, it sharpens ur thinking skills, get those neurons running. Besides that, it also helps with exercising both sides of the brain and improves hand eye coordination significantly :D

So when you see someone plays video games and excel in studies, think about it? But ensure that you play games with discipline and caution, many dudes flunk playing too much video games too hehe

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