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By  Dominic Blaaque     20.14     
*it has nothing to do with Mitsubishi!
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October 2008
Spikey Hair, initial growth of pimples haha and really skinny

March 2009
Straight "Beatles" Hair, slightly fat

September 2009
Shorter straight hair, got back to skinny again

December 2009
Hyper Spikey Hair! Skinny

February 2010
what a smile haha

March 2010
Slightly Fat, the Macha Hero Taking pictures with thai girls hair

May 2010
All natural bebeh haha

July 2010
Posing with a paintball marker hairstyle, fat

September 2010
Early Raya, still skinny, Mohawk style!

December 2010
Fat and i dont know what fashion of hair, its natural haha

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Idzham Ibrahim, your friendly neighbourhood unemployed mech eng graduate

4 komentar:

deint mengatakan...

eh eh aku suka beatles style!

RF mengatakan...

din>> akuk pun rasa tu cool gila!

nyway idzham, aku rasa kau macam balloon, boleh pam-pam. nak kurus ke gemuk. HAHA

Anonim mengatakan...

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