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Terima Kasih Cik Derah

By  Dominic Blaaque     23.51     

1. Do u think you're HOT?

i have no idea
2. Your current wallpaper
My wallpaper changes every 15 seconds

3. Tell about the wallpaper
Mainly pictures of cars that i understand and can truly appreciate, the kind of cars that some people think they are ugly, but i see them as an engineering masterpiece, i truly understand these cars in and out, even though i dont own any.... yet. There are pictures of Brabus, Ferarris, Nissans, Mercedes and Many more including Ken Blocks Ford Fiesta and Subaru Impreza
4. The last time you ate pizza
A few weeks ago
5. Last song you listened to
Planetary Go- My Chemical Romance-Album: Danger Days
6. Besides completing this tagging thing, i am...
Facebook, Twitter
7. Nicknames
This is a sensitive question, just call me ejam
8. Tag 5 people
I dont feel like taggin anyone
· S9. Your current crush

Ramona Flowers
10. Say something to the person you have a crush on (in real life)
I Love You, Marry ME!!!!
11. The third person you tag is in a relationship with...
12. What about the second person you tag?
13. Love words to the fourth person you tag
14. Four facts about your crush (in real life) and four facts about yourself that no one ever knew
The crush :
Real Name: Mary Elizabeth Winstedt, acted in Final Destination 3, SHE IS SOO HOT!, AND SHE'S 28! EVEN HOTTER!
Myself :
I am currently searching for a scholarship, IT, Automotive, Movie Freak. And i also like to buy dinner :D

About Dominic Blaaque

Idzham Ibrahim, your friendly neighbourhood unemployed mech eng graduate

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