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KL International Motorshow 2010!

By  Dominic Blaaque     12.11     
I think it was more about the models than the cars haha

Yesterday I went to the KL International Motorshow that was held at PWTC, IT WAS THE LAST DAY!HAHA. I went there with a friend i met at PASUM last year, Ajliaa Saori. Rizwan Sahimy was supposed to come, but last minute, his aunt came, so he had to cancel.

As usual when there are cars, there are sexy women haha and here are some pics

Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Edition
Then it became this! FOR REAL!!! HAHA

1950's Chevrolet, i dont know which model haha

 Chevrolet Cruze Touring Car!

 Nissan Juke, its like a car that can tell many jokes

 They should change it to, 25 years and now were back to we started, rebadging cars haha
A Descendant of the Rally Legends, the McRaes! But on a SATRIA NEO S2000? 
 Proton proton, please rebadge thus lotus city car so that it will have less taxes and cheap for people like me to buy hahaha
 Mr. Proton, ensure that this car goes into production and rebadge it, coz i really2 wanna buy it!
 One of the most akward moments in my life, first, i'm wearing yellow, second, i am showing of my P licence for an unkown purpose, third I AM STANDING NEXT TO A B63S!
Ajliaa showing her licence too and also wearing yellow haha

Maserati Gran Turismo Roadster!

Maserati Quattroporte, i guess you know why the car is smiling 

heh, 458 italia, i'm not much of a ferrari fan, but there were so many people taking pictures of ferarris compared to Brabus and Maserati!

Kid, thats the wrong ferrari that you should be smiling with.

 This car was in 007 Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale

Lamborghini Murcielargo Super Veloce, which Richard Hammon raced with an SLR 722, and lost! haha only 4999 Murcielargo in the world

A tuned Volkswagen Goft GTI Mark VI

The price says it all

The slightly cheaper aprilia 

Audi R8, if u were wondering what the guy is doing in the pic, i think he's checking out the Matte White Paint Job, The car kinda looks like a panda though haha

 The winning 2009 Peugeot 908 Le Mans 
 The Civic Type R Euro, they dont make these anymore, due to euro 5 emissions, and its slower than the old one haha
This is not a part of the autoshow, its a Ferarri California parked outside, the special thing about this is, look at the number plate, Gagasan 1 Malaysia 808 (GIM 808)
The click for charity pic haha

After the autoshow,  Ajlaa and me went to McDonalds for lunch.

Aftter Accompanying Ajliaa on the right train, i dropped off at Hang Tuah, took the monorail to Bukit bintang, then walked to Pavi and from pavi i walked all the way back to the hotel at jalan ampang, my legs were aching all night! haha 

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Haidar Coremand mengatakan...

so cool to take the pic first then raed the rules.. T.T

tak pakai baju warna kuning.. T.T

anyway, masa ko bergambar ngan kereta brabus tu, boleh bergambar sebelah tu macam tu je ea? maksud aku..bukan nak masuk ruang tu kne bayar 15??

or ko ckp nak masuk contest, then the guards bagi ko masuk macam tu je??