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Eye of the tiger

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.55     
Tick tock tick tock, the remainders of one of the dimensions in life keeps ticking, time, i am running out of or is it me who is less prepared? i am returning to shah alam next week, to endure a new life, the life of a SEM 2 student which will end in May 2011. Will i return as a knight in a shiny carbon fibre armor? will i repeat history of greatness or do it better? all i can do is work hard, oh yeah!

(*Muhammad Idzham's berangan speech with the background music of The Eye of the Tiger, go check it out on utube! The following of the post has nothing to do with the top part hehe)

I dedicate this blog post to Suraya Hazim

Just look at the picture, the colour of the tudung itself resembles a woman of nature and now CONGRATULATIONS! NUMBER 1 GEOLOGY STUDENT IN UKM!
We both had our down times when the government took away our future of studying in IPTA, BUT YOU CAME BACK AND KICKING SOME ASS!!! U GO GIRL!

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