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By  Dominic Blaaque     07.35     
So we all know that most major Universities have already had their students results for viewing already
There were some laughs, there were some cries and there were some repeaters.
So for all of you out there who didnt do well, dont be sad, now u know that u have screwed up this time,its time to snap out of lala land, get serious, and GROW UP! its not too late u know, some people have 7 sems left like me, some people have 5 sems left, so there are more to come.

And for me, my results were okay, but there were two subjects that i kinda regret


Basic mechanics B

Honestly, i could get B+ and above for Basic Mechs, but the day i answered Basic Mech wasnt my lucky day at all, kinda had abit of something going on during that day, it bugged my mind alot coz i didnt get much sleep that day, after the exams, i ended up on the bed laughing in a sad way that i did some really2 stupid mistakes, the kind of mistake that if someone else that failed the subject would laugh while rolling on the floor looking at my mistake, but what to do, what's done is done, i have to really2 prepare my mental and physical strength for the next challenges ahead on any PHYSICS based subjects, next sem, Thermodynamics. Just saying THERMODYNAMICS makes me shivering haha MORE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!

And for KOKO, PBSM, i got B-, even though its only 1 credit, i got B-, damn haha this must be the copy paste assignment from the internet and by using photoshop i sent haha okey, i accept.

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