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PMR results is today!

By  Dominic Blaaque     08.16     
And yes the results is today, my lil sis didnt sleep, all she did was jamming all night with here marakas and guitar.Humans have very weird ways to lay off some pressure haha

Have u guys heard of the movie The Legend of The Guardians, Owls of Ga Hoole? I guess u guys at least seen the ads in the movie of the almost realistic cgi Owls terbang2 haha

I remembered a few months ago, i was at the curve with friends of mine. We were about to watch a movie, i wanted to watch the owl movie, because i love 3d animation kids show a lot! such as Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and u know the picture. But my friends wanted to watch the movie "Devil" . it was a 3 out of 4 vote for devil, so we watched the movie, but in the end, the movie sucked, big time. I guess all of u thought stuck in a lift is a very2 scary movie haha *scary my ass

and so back to the owl movie, with the power of the internet and illegal downloading, i've download the movie and watched it. Its a really2 cute movie and it was AWESOME! i wonder how the movie would be if it was in 3D? hmmmmmm THE FLYING2 SCENES WERE AWESOME! The plot i would say is about bandits kidnapping children, hypnotized them to become slaves, some of the children got out and fortunately got some help with the military, soldiers, cia etc, i guess u know the picture, BUT IN OWL VERSION! HAHA AWESOME!  even though its kinda like a kids show, but it would be a really2 great family movie. At the end of the movie, i believe there is going to be a 2nd one for sure! (in planning la, dont know whether its gonna happen for real or not! haha) The EVIL TWIN BROTHER DIDNT DIE!!! HAHAHAHA

If you are still blur and dont know what i am talking about, here's a poster. GO DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE!

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