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MGS4 RULES!!!! haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.33     
Setelah membaca blog cik pipaa (nice blog pipaa!), i agree with her 100%,
people fall in love easily these days and hard stay in love haha especially the young and beautiful haha, i got caught in this "love satan" b4 haha okay2, love bug and agak menyesal lah (hahaha menyesal tahap dewa) it didnt work out, after that, i realized more that there are more things to matter in life than having a serious relationship with the opposite gender at such a young age, important things such as a Degree, education, money haha, spirituality, Metal Gear Solid 4, internet, FRIENDS, FAMILY and LIFE
After seeing what happen after school finished, byk giler couples skolah break hahaha

okay, today, a junior( a senior at sains muar dis year) sent me an sms
and it seems that the video of the techno guys playing with fire "kantoi" among the teachers acusing us that "techno boys wanted to burn the school". Honestly, that wasnt our intention at all, we even had someone at the fire hydrant standing by if anything happens, safety first weh
We were just playing around with leftover aerosol cans. We even cleaned up afterwards because it was slightly a mess. I cant believe that how on earth these teachers would found the video on youtube, because only cool teachers that would chill after seeing such fun incident would browse youtube. Anyway, i dont know if i'm going to show up for spm results day haha definately Sidun the Legend would be waiting for me hahaha abislaaa aku, i'm so dead meat.....

I was browsing through picture files and here was what i found

This pic was right after the last physics paper of spm 2008

Like father like son?

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