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Spring Clean

By  Dominic Blaaque     18.16     

I cant believe i cleaned my room today without no one asking haha finally!
another step into being a responsible person into adulthood? nahh haha
i also did some feng shui haha rearranged stuffs to make it more spacious!!
okay, since my sis bought little big planet, now both of them are hogging the tv and
i cant play fallout 3 :( haha
and now i cant believe i'm still awake, its 2.26am usually i sleep at 5Pm and wake up at 3 AM
I went to jusco today and taman u felt dark, literally haha
Happy New Year!
last night felt like a warzone, as the clock hits 12Am and kaboom haha
i couldnt find any shops selling fireworks
where on earth do these people buy them eh?....
it's almost a month after i quit my job and it feels goood haha even though no money, but there's more to life than money rite? haha
the PLKN trainees are saying that they are having fun there, kayaking, this and dat haha
i dont know y i'm not interested even though it sounds interesting hahaa they sleep at 11.30 and wake up at 5 oclock and some told me 4.30am
what's the point of waking up sooooo early but when u have kuliah subuh or anything, semua tetido haha tak penah sekali ada kuliah subuh kat mana2 kem
mata aku terbuke, the next thing i knew was that, kuliah subuh dah habis hehee

Maybe for some people plkn is fun for them, i agree wif them
but the fact getting darker is one factor that really disturbs me haha
what the hell, aku tak kena pun haha

no driving lessons dis week, jpj 16feb here i come
haih... i miss being alone at home when everyone is at work or school. cepat laa abis cuti... haha aku nak sambung cuti privacy aku hahahah

and i really need a haircut but all the salons are closed haih... chinese new year


29th of December 2008
Still manageable and wax can applied easily


27th of January 2009
i surrender haha nothing i can do, applying wax make it worst

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