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Sleeping Disorder

By  Dominic Blaaque     03.54     
Here's my new sleeping schedule haha
Around 1pm-2pm until 8pm-9pm baru bangun haha the next thing i know i had to Qada 3 waktu haha tido punya pasal
and today aku miss makan cake bersama keluarga utk sambut birthday Jubilee Emas ayah aku, he's 50 now, i slept through the whole night from 9Pm-3Am eventhough aku baru bagun kul 8 lebeh haha
my prob now is that I can sleep
but I cant sleep when i want to sleep and i can control how long i want to sleep
and sometimes i sleep at 9pm until 1am haha
i feel so helpless and tired and i dont have any energy to play fallout 3 :(
takde gune weh kalau video game wujud kita tak main haha
and a few days ago semasa main metal gear solid 4, disebabkan cutscenes pjg sgt,
aku tetido dgn controller sekali kat tgn aku haha

and today when i woke up, the first thing i reached out for was my phone and there's 7 new messages i think which were sent hours earlier and prepaid dah habis, sorry guys tak dapat nak balas

And about school ( semua orang duk citer pasal skolah haha, nak jugak heheee)
aku cuak weh nak gi balik samura haha
ku tak sangka cikgu samura tgk youtube, nak pasang lcd pun ada yg tak reti haha
either i'm dead meat or grilled meat
i hope they forget about it when i come for my results hehe

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