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Sleeping Disorder part 2

By  Dominic Blaaque     04.11     
my schedule for thursday 22nd of january 2009

Driving school

reading red hulk (best giler woi haha) internet, downloading stuff, more internet, main2 speaker ngan ayah aku haha, internet, internet, main2 ngan speaker lg and internet

Gi makan

internet, download red hulk lg haha, internet, tgk youtube, internet

around 4-5pm
I was only lying around on my bed then i fell asleep and woke up at 3.30Am hahah

and now its 4.16am and i'm the only one awake in this house it feels like i'm in the twilight zone, i can sneak out easily from the house if i want to and my sister's car is outside, and its an automatic!!!! haha

should i? or should i not? agak2 kalau bawak gi sembahyang subuh kat surau lepas tak? haha

Zaman Rambut Spikey dan Panjang March 2008 @ SBP Integrasi Gombak

haih... i miss those hair days........ haha

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